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Senior Java Programmer

Senior Java Programmer

Senior Java Programmer

Skills Required

  • #JavaScript
  • #Visual Studio
  • #SQL
  • #Bootstrap
  • #Java
  • #JEE development
  • #HTML

We are looking to hire outstanding technical leads to own technical and architectural aspects of our agile JEE development projects on AA.com

As a technical lead, you’ll need to organize, spearhead and own the technical side of the project. You will make time to coach and mentor your development team in all aspects of the agile development cycle, and work alongside a community of other tech leads and architects to constantly add value to AA.com customers and stakeholders.
Your project team may depend on other internal or external groups, both on and off-shore, and you’ll need to own, manage and report on technical activities across all of those teams in support of your project’s success.

In this role you will be on-point to bring technical excellence to the organization and you’ll need to mentor teams – yours and others, to help them along that path to excellence. You should be an advocate of the agile process and test-driven development, and should consider yourself an _evangelist_ of technical excellence and quality.
You’ll need to show technical mastery of Java / OO for large website development and have a ‘nose’ for simple, elegant code design. You’ll need the confidence and the technical know-how to refactor code that doesn’t “smell right” in order to make the codebase a better place to live and work.

• 5-7 years experience required in Java / JEE development
• Experience leading others is a plus
Responsibility level
• Able to make sound technical and architectural decisions for the betterment of the product and codebase.
• Must represent the technical leadership of AA.com in an exceptional manner and lead by example.
• Listens Well, Open Minded, Humble
• Good Communicator – Ability to communicate with non-technical teams (product owners, business leaders) about technical decisions being made in support of business value.
• Strong ability and desire to work in a close-nit, collaborative team environment where candor is the norm
• Exemplifies Leadership Skills, Fills multiple roles when needed
• Strong knowledge of OO design techniques and principles needed in order to create and maintain a quality-first codebase, and the experience to back it up
• Ability to work closely with product owners to deliver high business value incrementally with quality results in mind.
• Ability to speak fluent spanish is a plus, but not required.
• A passion for technology, continuous improvement, and quality!

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