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Java Programmer

Java Programmer

Java Programmer

Skills Required

  • #Java / J2EE
  • #SOA / ESB / Web Services
  • #Python
  • # Perl
  • # Java Scripting
  • # Shell
  • #SQL
  • # Mongo DB
  • # Oracle
  • # Teradata
  • # SQL MSP
  • # DB2/MVS


* Building efficient storage protocols for unstructured data, and data warehousing solutions for structured analytics

* Converts specifications about business problems into programming instructions.

* Collaborating with other agile team members to create / enhance new data management applications and tools

* Interfaces with system designers to design, code, and test and implement application programs. Assists in developing application specifications

* Designs and codes programs utilizing standard procedures and techniques Conducting reviews with other team members to make sure your code is rigorously designed, elegantly coded, and effectively tuned for performance

* Maintaining records of revisions to ensure code is understandable, simple, and clean

* Conduct design & code review to ensure compliance with Standards.

* Conducts analysis of organizational needs and goals for the development and implementation of application systems.

* Reviews, analyzes, and modifies programming systems, including encoding, testing, debugging and installing for a large-scale system. Maintains records to document program development and revisions.

* Providing support of previously released code as needed

* Monitors operating efficiency of existing application systems

* Creates test scenarios/cases/stubs; runs unit tests / system tests / regression tests to find errors and revise programs.

* Defines and maintains test system configurations, test data

* Writes documentation that describes installation and operating procedures

* Participates in post-implementation reviews of both application development content and process to maximize and share learning

Your experience:

* BS in Computer Science with 3+ years professional experience

* Java / J2EE

* SOA / ESB / Web Services

* Unix Scripting (Python, Perl, Java Scripting, Shell)

* SQL, Mongo DB, Oracle, Teradata, SQL MSP, DB2/MVS

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