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.Net Web Developer

.Net Web Developer

.Net Web Developer

Skills Required

  • #ASP
  • # C#
  • # VB
  • # Web Forms
  • #ASP.Net Web Services
  • #ASP.Net AJAX Web Services
  • #JavaScript
  • #JQuery
  • #HTML 5
  • # XHTML
  • #CSS 3
  • # Visual Studio 2010 or higher
  • #SQL Server 2008R2 stored procedures
  • # database triggers
  • # SSIS

.Net Web Developer will assist the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) in the analysis and development of Vegetative Management System (VMS) 4.0 project being developed for Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The contracting resources will be responsible for writing application code, crystal reports, web services, database objects among other related developmental tasks

Required Skills

• .NET (ASP, C#, VB)

• Web Forms

• ASP.Net Web Services

• ASP.Net AJAX Web Services

• JavaScript

• JQuery


• CSS 3

• Visual Studio 2010 or higher

• SQL Server 2008R2 stored procedures, database triggers, SSIS

• Data modeling, object-oriented programming procedures / techniques and n-tier environment.

• Knowledge of the Agile methodology.

• Knowledge of system development methods used for the development of new systems and enhancements to existing information systems.

• Ability to adapt, integrate, and modify existing programs for use with existing information systems.

• Ability to gather and analyze facts, define problems, and devise and implement solutions.

• Ability to effectively make oral and written reports and presentations.

• Ability to communicate technical terminology at a level appropriate to the audience.

• Ability to provide quality customer service, building trust through integrity of work, and build strategic relationships through teamwork.

• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve development problems, and calmly and rationally assess situations.

Required Experience

· 7+ years of developmental experience with Microsoft developmental tools and SQL Server database objects.

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